Kamran Gorsi seeks people’s support to fulfill father’s mission


HAJIRA, (Special Representative):  Assembly candidate Kamran Bashir Gorsi has said that he started politics as worship. Solving all the problems in the backward areas of the constituency is the first priority. Every corner of the constituency I go to, I will remember the immense love and affection of the people for centuries. He said that it is possible to complete the father’s mission with the help of the people. He said that victory for the poor people would be achieved on July 25 with the help of the people. He said that I promise the people that I will do my best to complete their mission. The cooperation of the people is needed for the completion of the mission. If I stay with the people, I will fulfill every promise of Muhammad Bashir Gorsi. Independent candidate Kamran Bashir Gorsi expressed this while addressing a corner meeting at different places of Bhantani. Addressing various corner meetings, Kamran Bashir Gorsi, Mushtaq Ahmed Mohib, Khurram Chauhan and others said that the encouragement of acceptance received from the people is always appreciated. Together they will stand like a plywood wall and will be at the forefront of encouraging them everywhere.