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Mohammed Nawaz
There are many types of media. One of them is social media. To get the definition of it, we need to look at each word separately. The word “Social” refers to sharing information about different things and receiving information about various things happening in the society. Likely, the word “Media” refers to tool of communication-internet is one of the best examples for it. Now social media can be described as “tools of communication which enable people to interact with each other by sharing and receiving information about various things”. There are multiple benefits and restrictions of everything which exists in this world. Same is the case with social media. There are numerous benefits as well as restrictions of it. Few of them are mentioned below. Firstly, Many people are doing business through social media, be it: any application or a website. These Applications and websites are beneficial for those who are either too busy in their lives or live in rural areas and can’t visit markets on daily basis. They may get those objects very easily through social media which they need in their lives. Not only this but also the ratio of unemployment is decreasing because of social media. Furthermore, according to one report, those children who are under 18 and if they are using social media then their confidence can easily be built up 30 percentage. Because, they communicate with unknown people through different applications. If they don’t speak with them but they write confidently whatever they write, this also helps them to increase their confidence level. One the other hand, there are multiples of restrictions for this. Firstly, people hack the accounts of different people and after sometimes they begin blackmailing them. They threat people that either do what we order or we will share your personal pictures or videos. Now the man whose account has been hacked, has only two choices. Either accept their demand or commit suicide. Committing suicide is very common in Pakistan. Secondly, using social media without time limit. If we go back to twenty or thirty years, People used to read newspapers early in the morning and used to read fifty or sixty pages of a book before going to room for sleeping. But now according to one report, 60 Percentage of people use social media when they wake up and 80 Percentage of people use it before going to bed for sleeping. They sleep at 2 or 3 o’clock at night and wake up 11 or 12 o ‘clock of morning time. Moreover, those who are using YouTube, they give such attractive thumbnails which compel us to watch their videos. For increasing the number of viewers they do it. Those people who are not highly educated, they go for watching their videos. But the videos are completely different than the thumbnails they show in videos. This is also very common in Pakistan. All in all, social media has been the cause of many advantages and disadvantages. Many businessmen have found it very beneficial in the regard of business. It also helped people to communicate with one another in daily life. On the other side, numerous people are dealing with grave issues such as, using it without time limit, facing problems of mental health and so on. You should spend some time for thinking that whether you’re getting benefits from it or restrictions. If you feel that there are more negative impacts of it than positive ones then try to not use social media for at least one week. After one week, observe this that how are you feeling your personal life without using social media? If you see that you are not facing any problem while not using social media then don’t use it anymore. if you are feeling any kind of problem while not using it then use it with the limitation of time.

(The writer is a student at The Hub English Language Academy, Hub.)

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