Why Politicians become fail?


Siraj Ahmad
As the every political party and politicians come with great agenda to facilities the public but every time they become fail to facilities the public, no doubt it is true that every department is bound and they work under the order of different politicians, landlords and many crime masters and also the looters, we see all these people surrounding us in white collar, they look very innocent and gentle men but actually they are not, these peoples are the main reason of collapse of our country, our executive body works under these white collar criminal. So these evils we see and know them very well but we don’t speak any single word against such Mafia due to having fear, and insecurity of life. We become speechless and voiceless because of this fear. These white collar criminal can be found easily but to clean such evils are only possible by politicians, if politicians take any action their will be no crime and violence and very sorry to say that our politicians also works under these looters, because in Pakistan it is very difficult to be politicians because of wealth, if you are wealthy and have good status you can be the part of the politics, otherwise you will only be the peon of politics who only wait for ring Bell to get order. So these politicians only sit in the chair but they don’t use their power for legal work and they reach to the roof of politics through the investment of these looters, that’s why they become dependent on these white collar criminals because they know that they have spent too many money in their political campaign. Every political party has their own invester, and these invester invest their money to complete their illegal work from politicians, so that’s why everyone is bound to a specific person, department etc.. These bound system and the peoples who work under this, can’t create any result or improvement to protect or facilities the local people, this is reason which is humiliating too many peoples and pushing them back into many problems and depression.