Reading improves reader


Sahiba Nasir Ali
There is no doubt reading improve the readers life, and make them able enough to achieve their goals of life.Reading is the main source of healthy and active life because by reading you can get knowledge and also many informations about national and international world. Similarly your speaking power will be strong also writing power improved daily reading make us able to pass any kind of competitive test or exam also you can handle any kind of situation of life easily.In today’s world reading is very important,as sometimes you read newspapers, which gives you information that what is going on and it discover how you develop a positive imagination and also reading make you smart whenever someone ask you about something you can answer his/her easily because you have already read about it also reading improved your vocabulary power when you read new books,magazines and articles by reading also your meomary power will be improved your brain will be sharp because the more you read the more new words you can get. Furthermore, Reading is a best source of stress reduction also it is better for your relaxation you become tension free from your stress life.Because when you feel unhappy and you are in stress or depression in this time reading is as a medicine for your mind therefore for active body and fresh mind reading is necessary. It is fact but reading is main key to improve your knowledge. Thus,as a great writer said although you might lose everything else your job,your possession, your money even your health but knowledge can never be taken from your life.As you know for any kind of competitive test or any kind of situation if you have knowledge you can solve everything in few minutes.Simply for knowledge you have to read everyday.If you want to be a successful person in the world then you have to be a habit of reading because reading habits develop knowledge information e.t.c. So, for active and fast mind reading is like a food as for healthy body you need healthy food so for healthy mind you need reading. We should keep reading it is a part of exercise of brain which improves the readers. In this world everyone have lot of issues in their lives. So basically it all run away from you when you read a great story a great novel or an article by reading you will be relaxed. Also, reading can improve our speaking and writing power because being well spoken is a great help in any kind of test or life challenges, because reading make our confidence level up that make you good presenter or a great communicator. Similarly,As a great writer Dr-Seuss say that.