Media dubbes Bilawal’s polls campaign aimed at victory in AJK




Islamabad,     (Parliament Times)  : Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has defeated all parties in the election campaign as the media termed the election campaign in Azad Kashmir by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as “Lead from the Front” and signaled the victory of PPP in the upcoming elections. Bilawal Bhutto first arrived in Azad Kashmir on election campaign and warmed the blood of workers, the young chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party started his election campaign for Azad Kashmir elections like a world leader. He started the first phase of the election campaign by visiting the graves of important PPP leader and former minister Muhammad Matloob Inqlabi and former Speaker Azad Kashmir Assembly Sardar Ghulam Sadiq. He also convinced the party workers that the PPP not only loves its leaders and workers in life but also remembers them after death. The same traditions of the PPP distinguish it from other political parties. Before the PPP issues the first election ticket, it is ahead of other parties.On the other hand, Faryal Talpur, Political Party in-charge, Azad Kashmir, who is also the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Board, completed the interview with the PPP ticket candidates in a very cheerful manner and later issued tickets on merit. Political leaders were also persuaded. Faryal Talpur played an important role in ending the resentment after the distribution of tickets. She called all the angry leaders to Zardari House Islamabad and not only had one-on-one meetings with them. She listened to their concerns and ended the disagreement and thanked the angry leaders along with the ticket holders. Similarly, Amir Zeeshan Jaral, Central Coordinating Secretary in Political Affairs and Usman Ghazi, Media Coordinator of Bilawal Bhutto on the media front are also playing their role well.