The wedding of Baloch people

Shema Abdul Wahid
It’s a well known fact that the people of Balochistan are completely different from other people ,their culture, their tradition are unique from others.In the same manner, the wedding of baloch people are also celebrated with miscellaneous customs and they perform different things in the wedding, but unfortunately Now-a-days the people are so modern that they forget their own culture and they borrowed others culture because they are the followers and followers never achieve what they wished. Furthermore, the customs which are performed in Balochi’s wedding are : 1)Engagement :{Zamathi }It’s the day when the parents of boys go to girl’s parents in order to confirm their children relation.If the both family agree then it’s not considered necessary to ask the girl for the agreement because in Baloch society it’s said that good daughters are those who never say “No” to their parents, Though they are against of this relation.Then they will sit together and fix the date plus discusses about the gold and money etc. 2)Invitation{Lotokii} When the day of Marraige is going to arrived then the married women of both family will be gathered and decide to invite the people to come in the Marraige.It will take two or three days to invite the people because a group of people have to visit in home in the area. 3)Nazeenk: According to culture,before the Marraige,nazeenk is held for some days at night in which the relatives make their presence sure in order to dance, sing and do two clapping {Dou Chappi,Naach, ganah} in the home of bride and groom. 4.)Jholbandi: It’s the most special day for bride to start the new journey of life.It’s a day when the family members of groom along with their guests go in bride’s and taking the Jhol {Balochi big scarf }and arrange it in bride’s room and bride will sit in it. They will dance sing in order to express their happiness. 5)Dozuki : In the day, they will welcome the guests and celebrate the day with lots of joy and extremely dance.They will make henna and Keep them in their relatives home because it’s included in baloch’s custom.But night timing at first, the women will go for taking the henna and move towards bride home in order to decorate her hands with henna. Afterword, they go to groom’s home and as well decorate his hands with henna and dance there. 6)Danchandi : This is the time when unmarried girls dance in round and the married do clean the rice with flour. 7:Enni Bandi:{Night of henna) In this night, There would be a huge feast for far flung ares’s people in both home and perform the same act of Dozuki’s night and dance till the dawn of next morning {5:30}. 8)Chersochki: This is just for girls because they iron the clothes of bride and put different perfume (Sochoki) on them with fire.And show the clothes to people who are gathered there. 9)Korag: A huge number of people would go in field in order to decorate him and bring him with camel but only groom’s sister can come to see him. 10)Neka:(Wedlock) In this custom, they both accept each other as husband and wife.And start a new life with each other. 11)Mubaraki: Bride parents arrange a huge feast on their home for the people who will come with groom’s family.Everyone comes to Congrats them and wish them a happy married life.That’s all.The balochi wedding is very much unique and different but it’s hard to say that nobody is following the customs of Balochi’s wedding. Though the days are five but still lots of special things are performed.Thus,Every baloch should follow their own traditions .

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