The most beautiful journey of life “School Life”

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Ambreen Bashir
School life is the most beautiful journey of education boundaries which begin with crying and end with teary eyes with uncountable memories. With this in mind, I vividly remember the days when our parents and guardians left us at the entrance gate of the school and our small feet step into a new place we all held the hands of our teachers to take the first small step into the most beautiful journey (School). We cried irritated ran here and there in all the direction except our classroom we all took few days to adjust and few months to like our teachers and now we are sure that our teacher’s classroom playground and entire school have become the most special place for us. Truly, we were depressed sometimes we were not happy, sometimes we were playful and sometimes we were studious but our teacher has always tried their best to make us feel good and comfortable. It is a fact that our teachers tried their best to teach us the lesson beyond the four walls of the classroom so that all can get the innumerable opportunity for the overall development of our personalities. In the same manner, as we walk out from school these walls bear the story of the most precious years of our lives our heart fills with the best memories we could ever make. There were times we laughed with our classmates, we screamed with joys, we participated as a team, won together, the excitement, the silly names of teachers and jokes, eating others things, making fun of each other and laugh at ourselves these moments we had shared were priceless. The feeling will seep and later as day concludes and we will wish it never end, but it is the only in black of night that we see in the stars and those stars lead us back home. In conclusion, I always knew looking back on my tears would bring me laughter, but I would never knew looking back on my laughter would make me cried.

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