It’s Baloch not Balochi


Kashif Sagheer
Balochistan a very eminent province of Pakistan with the coverage of Pakistan’s land by 45% that makes it the largest province of Pakistan in terms of territory. Inspite of being a prime aspect of the country but Balochistan is, had been, seemingly will be suffering from injustice, negligence, and ceasing of fundamental rights etc There comes another lamentation after we close the chapter of long persisting once unsolved which is the miss pronunciation of the word Baloch into Balochi, for every non-Baloch I fancy to bring a very crucial, and must to know information that this ethnic is pronounced as “Baloch” not “Balochi”, “Balochi” is the language we speak, “Baloch” is the enthic we belong to. Additionally, the former president of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf pronuonced the word “Baloch” as “Balochi”. This isn’t a little disgraceful for an ethnic having smeone as your president who even does not know what’s the pronunciation of your ethnic. A certain number of people are although acquainted with the correct pronunciation nevertheless pronounce it “Balochi” in order to make their hands wet in the ocean of perpetual vogue set by outsiders . To conclude, We must have to be nonchalant for this unconventional act.