Elections Saga ends, AJK Commission reveals instructional documents


Muzaffarabad,(Parliament Times) : Azad Jammu and Kashmir Election Commission announces 2021 general elections on a free, fair and impartial basis and has issued a formal code of conduct to hold all registered political parties, candidates, election agents and polling agents participating in the elections. Political parties, candidates and election agents shall abide by all the orders, directives and code of conduct issued by the Election Commission from time to time for the effective conduct of elections, maintaining ethics and public order or refrain from ridiculing its superficial chairman and members in any form. Political parties, candidates, election agents and any of their supporters to run in the election as a candidate will refrain from accepting gifts, greed, and bribes in order to persuade people not to accept or withdraw from elections or to retire or not to retire. Political parties, candidates and election agents will strictly restrain their workers from putting undue pressure on the print and electronic media, including newspaper offices and the printing press, and from all forms of violence against the media. After the closure of polling, there will be a complete ban on holding or attending a rally in any constituency between 12 noon and 48 hours before, or holding a procession or participating in a procession. According to the limit of election expenses, the law (50) has been fixed at Rs. 50 lakhs. The Presiding Officer is bound to conduct the polling at the polling station in accordance with the law. Therefore, the Polling Agent shall refrain from undue interference in the affairs of the Presiding Officer. Polling agents must respect women voters and not create a situation that makes it difficult for women voters to cast their ballots. Polling agents should not create any situation that could obstruct the election process or create law and order situation at the polling station. If a person or party spends for a candidate on stationery, post, telegram, advertisement, means of transportation and any other kind of thing, it will be considered that these election expenses were borne by the candidate himself. Carrying or displaying any kind of weapons and firearms in public meetings and processions and on polling day will be strictly prohibited. No firing of any kind, including aerial firing, firecrackers or other incendiary materials, shall be permitted at or near public gatherings and polling stations. Violation of this rule would be tantamount to committing an illegal act. If a candidate uses government resources during the election campaign, the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Election Commission will be able to disqualify such a candidate from participating in the election.