Stop Expecting From Others


Shema Abdul Wahid
“I” is the most selfish lettered word because everthing resolve around I and I stand for expectations, my expectations.I should be treated like this, I should be loved like that and I should be respected like this,,,,,All expectations. We all are living the life of expectations, not just living as if we are blessed.Life is only all everything resolve around my opinions,my desire, my wishes,,I like this, I dislike that, I want this and I hate that.I,I,I,I,I and only I.Avoid the word I because it means expectations and expectations really hurt when they are not fulfilled.What do you think life will be a bubbly life or easy to be survived when it resolve around the letter “I”.Furthermore, we are grown up like this.We only learn to take and everyone has to fulfill my expectations.Is everything for me and for my life?My life, my desires and my dislikes.We have lived like this.We all are holding our own opinions.No-one thinks about others. Most importantly,there is just one thing which is always asked that “Give me what I want” ,no one asks “I love you or I feel petty on you therefore I want to give you”Unfortunately, no one asks this because the “I” is so big,my expectations, my dreams and my things are more powerful..The more we lead a life of I then the most we will be frustrated. Because people don’t exist in this world just to complete our expectations.All took birth to complete their own wishes. Moreover,don’t ever ever give the remote of your life to others to control you.Don’t allow anyone to control your emotions.Never expect anything from anyone because it really hurts.Be bold enough and do what you want to.Let others say whatever they are saying.Leave everyone who doesn’t stand with you.You should follow what you expect from yourself,it needs courage.Therefore it is said “stop expecting from others, learn to begin your journey from I to you”The more you want for yourself, you will remain frustrated.The more you want to give, you will remain happy.So, start giving and giving till you reach to your goal.Giving is the only thing which will make you feel comfort.Therefore, stop expecting from others.