Sharan Yousuf Turbat
In ancient time there was a young man named as Hammal. He was very rich and healthy but miser too. Further, whatever he had but he wanted that he should have more. Also, he had two children named Zain and Mehrwan they were studying at a good school but they did not worked hard on their study just went in their school and wasted their times and came back at home watched social media complete days but not used their times on studying. Also their mother was more rich and healthy too but she did not do any thing for them and at home just she sleept at home and relaxed. Further, they have not thinked about their career due to of their richness and happiness. And one day Mehrwan suddenly faced pain from his eyes from that day he had faced some problems did not saw anything. One day Mehrwan and his Mother and his brother Zain took him to the doctors and doctors saw him and treated asked what had happened to him they answered that mostly Mehrwan used social media and doctors suggested them that Mehrwan’s eyes could not be because their lightness is finished from that Mehrwan become blind.Morally, it means when we have happiness and every thing but we have to thank and think about ahead life and future and care children with limited opportunities.