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Anchal Chawla

Friendship makes you bold, healthy and wealthy, a good friendship can’t be old and this is friendship who don’t follow the age system. Friendship makes the emotions strong and this is friendship who become the reason of living, we live surrounding too many peoples but when we see that how much we are interact with the peoples we become able to know that our universe is very small, we spend our whole life with limited peoples and our universe makes it bigger, Many stories, books and research papers have been published on the friendship and they have too many definition about the emotions of friendship but according to me a good freind is who believe in you, expect better for upcoming time, tolerate your rudeness and always stand with you while everyone has left you in difficulties. A person become strong when he has such freinds and these things make him bold and courageous to face all the obstacles, friendship is very sweet that decorate your life with love, sympathy and courage, Friendship can’t be denied nor be discouraged, a friendship can’t be count that how much time has been to your friendship but its all about the understanding you have about your friend, that how you are behaving with your friend, and why you are behaving that. When a friend makes a mistake from where your test starts of friendship and this mistake will show that how much you understand, bear, tolerate with each and other. Give importance to the friendship and freinds because every relationship is thirsty of morality.

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