Child labor; an evilest act


Abdul Rahman Shahbeer
Child labor is distinguished as one of the most horrifying evils and a serious challenge across the world. It is constantly practiced in Pakistan. A child under the age of 15 shouldn’t appear at workplaces, but the appearance of children under the age of even 9 is common in garages, shops, and factories. It is sad to see children deprived of their fundamental rights and disappointing to see children at the adult age carrying huge responsibilities on their shoulders. It is rightly defined as “Children are the backbone of a nation” but children in Pakistan are burdened with laboring which causes catastrophic crises and various destructions in their lives and for the nation. There are several reasons behind which children are greatly adopting this challenge on their shoulders. As we know that, a couple of children are forced and emphasized to work by their parents because their parents are gladly enjoying the earnings of their children, so children innocently cannot deny them. Secondly, poverty has been a serious challenge for bringing the children in this evilest act.However, many organizations like International Labour Organization (ILO) have the ambition to prevent child labor by 2025, but the challenge remains immense and the latest statistics indicate that 152 million children are still committed to child labor, and almost one out of ten is suffering from this menace worldwide. Apart from that, the latest reports from (ILO) estimated that Africa has been ranked first across the world in child labor; it shows 72 million African children are considered child labor and 31.5 million are involved in risky labor. The pace of child labor and out of 152 million children, 58% boys are involved in this evilest act and 42% of girls are doing the same activities. Besides this, economic activities such as agriculture, industry, and other sectors show 70.9% of children laboring. Both girls and boys are working in agriculture and 11.9% of child workers are working in industries. Moreover, 17.2% are involved in other sectors.Additionally, these children have not reached the proper age as it shows that 48% of child laborers are between the age of 5-11 years and 28% of children are between the age of 12-14 and 24% of children in child labor are between the age of 15 – 17 even it is not an appropriate and a suitable age for these children to work. However, it is the time for children to enjoy, have fun with friends and study and create a shining future, but due to this unbearable issue, the sad expression doesn’t get removed from their faces.It is clear that every child has the wish for a bright and shining future, but due to this problem, their all wishes have vanished. Most importantly, the government is empowered for solving this issue; however, it doesn’t perceive the upheavals, unresolved challenges, and many more. Because of child labor, children face different sorts of difficulties and hardships. It is, however, clear that child labor is the problem that causes a huge reduction in the literacy rate in a country and shapes an uneducated nation. It is the right time to take steps and eliminate such basic and illegal problems. It is right defined “every child deserves freedom, liberty, rights which enable them to find happiness and enjoyment in life.