Pakistan emphasize with Palestinians and prove compassion and communal harmony: Marwan


Athens Greece: Palestinian Emissary to Greece Marwan Toubassi in an exclusive interview with the media regarding the prevailing situation in Palestine said that at this juncture where we are being hammered out through a grim situation, we are really grateful for the way other countries, including Pakistan and Greece, have openly spoken out against the recent Israeli aggression. And also, we thank Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi of their full support for the Palestinian people in the Security Council and in the international media. Thanks to the Greek government and the Greek people for backing up against Israeli atrocities and condemning Israeli barbarism.

“Palestine belongs only to the Palestinians, It is illegally occupied”, he reiterated. He said that Israel’s recent crackdown erupted on the Palestinian people, in which dozens of innocent Palestinian children and women have been martyred, is reprehensible. He regrettably said that Qiblah in the last ten days of Ramadan was desecrated, for which our hearts are in pain. He vowed that in spite of the fact that we have nothing, no heavy weapons, no army, no power like Israel, we will still fight to the last breath for the freedom of our country and to stem the bloodshed. While talking about the mutual interests between the two countries, he said that we have a very old tradition with Pakistan and the brotherhood between Pakistan and Palestine is exemplary. I appeal to all Muslim countries and world powers, the United Nations and the OIC that put pressure on Israel and play their part in stopping the genocide of the Palestinians, We desperately need everyone’s cooperation because there is yet no let-up in violence.