We will have to achieve the target of plantation of 10 billion trees to save the future of our coming generations: PM

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ISLAMABAD : ;Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said environmental protection is inevitable for the future generations and every one will have to play role for protection against global warming.

“ If we don’t make efforts for environmental protect of the world then the time can come we will be not able to do anything ”, he said this while addressing a ceremony held here Thursday on Green Financing Scheme with reference to climate change.

We can benefit from floating bonds but what Pakistan urgently needs is this that we should reach target of 10 billion tree plantation because we have to save the future of our coming generation, he stressed.

We have to employ every effort to protect Pakistan against the effects of global warming because Pakistan is among 10 countries of the world which have been most adversely affected by the climate change, he cautioned.

He urged that number of national parks be enhanced, tress be panted, urban forestry be done and Japanese technique be adopted for tree plantation to prevent the deserts from expanding. Several countri3es have gone ahead in this regard particularly China has done a lot on this count, he added.

A complete city has been built in China which is green city and every thing is environmental friendly therein, he pointed out.

There is great benefit for Pakistan in all these things that we can learn from these new techniques, he said adding there is time that we should exert our most for the sake of future of Pakistan.

Mangrove forests have increased in the country during the last 20 years while other forests have been devastated during the last 70 years, he underlined.

During 2013 an effort was made for the first time in KP through one billion Tsunami that we should start growing forest again, he remarked.

Much awareness has been created in this respect in the country and even school children have ample information about it, he added. We will have to take ahead this awareness so that the entire country should make efforts towards this end to bring improvement in the life of their children and coming generations.

PM observed Pakistan contribution to global carbon emission is less than one percent and even then Pakistan is such a country which stands exposed to perils of global warming effects due to glacier melting.

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