The neglected province!

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Nazir Ahmed Kubar
It Is odd to present a gloomy picture of Balochistan. Where citizens have defeated uncountable plights , in just few years of it’s provincial status. Balochistan is being neglected like a desert, where peasants and labourers are on the verge of starvation. Balochistan being richest province in terms of resources, yet considered as poorest in terms of education, health, good governance and more importantly employment. It is considered to be Pakistan’s most neglected province, with Baloch children having little or no access to education. Why Balochistan has been constantly neglected by successive governments? Why are the people of Balochistan being deprived of their fundamental rights? The questions are yet unanswered by present and passed federal and provincial governments. The input of Balochistan,for state is unhidden . Balochistan is blessed with abundant natural resources and is home to port ,(Gwadar) which is international trade hub for Pakistan. It is among the largest producer of gas in Pakistan ,but ,still many of it’s cities do not have piped gas. Almost less than half of it’s total towns have access to natural gas. The province is relatively safe for tourists , compared to other provinces of Pakistan; unlike others it has numerous tourists attraction , which often go unnoticed. It is unfortunate that despite it’s significance , Balochistan presents a grim picture official neglect. Meanwhile, life of local people there is ,thoughourly distrubed over the years through several military operations and tribal clash . The blood flows cheaper than water. Even the fruits of eighteen amendment have bypassed this province.Balochistan has become afterthought for Pakistan and it’s citizens severely suffering. There is dire need for quality education, adequate school campuses, hospitals and sustainable policies; only that can ensure it’s inhabitants the right to education, health and freedom. Considering the geographical factor Balochistan stands largest among all four provinces . Thus it is widely believed that , the large provinces enjoys the government’s attention in developed countries ; contrary to it , Balochistan has been sidelined now and again. It is now, need of an hour for balochi people, to diminish the rotten rule and secure the future of their next generation. And if all the promises would be kept with this area and people being cared fully by federation , hopefully it will feed the whole country.

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