What is life?

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Alia Asadullah
There are alot of meanings of life, life is activity, being, breath, enthusiasm, entity, esprit, essence, excitement, get-up and go, growth, heart, impulse, live, soul, sparkle, verve, zest, elan vital, existence, career, expectancy, extant, time, animateness, creature, endurance, behavior, development, enjoyment, happiness, journey, like this, there would be thousand of meanings of life, but, what actually life is? , What is the purpose of life?, Well, why, what and how such questions perpetually come in every individuals lives. The life is when you go out and you seek for people who need your help. And you make their lives better so that is the actual life . The life is when you courage someone to his or her destiny, The life is when you love to yourself and you spread the same love to people, life is when you give your time to others, life is when you take care of everyone, life is when you complicit to others sorrow and happiness, life is that, which shows how people took at their individual lives. As well as, the life of others around them so as to make a sense of what they do with their existence on earth. Furthermore, life is a meaning and purpose, we say it’s difficult to live but in reality it’s not. Apart from this, In life, the experiences are major part, in fact it guides an individual through his life till his death, as the words of Marice Curie, “Life is not easy for any of us. But what of life?, We must have preseverance and above all confidence in ourselves, we must believe that we are gifted for something and that thing must be attaind” Faraway, every year on the Earth in different places the people do suicides and finished their lives because they don’t know yet what life is?, the reason is , they do live one routine of a day for 60 years. Therefore, they don’t see new things in their lives. because complete life they are working hard to make money. Additionally, life is when every morning you listen a good thing, see good and think the best so that makes the life to live. And to me life is when you invite everyday and live the best.Moreover, if you want a purpose in your life then , ask your heart that, Am I not having a purposeful life? see around the things, I surely know you will get your answer from your heart, that what life is?

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