Stance of Muslim countries over Palestine issue


Asma Akbar
The Israel-Palestine conflict is one of the serious issue in international level. The whole Muslim majority world watching to these three countries KSA, Turkey, and Pakistan for their stance for the people of Palestine and to protect Al-Aqsa mosque and Jerusalem, the Islamic cooperation organization OIC is the second largest organization after the United Nation. It consist of 57 Muslims Countries they joins the OIC and it aiming to become the ‘’collective voice of the Islamic world’’ this organization faces criticism of the weak reaction to Israel’s ruthless attack on Palestine doing. The OIC has been criticized again for failing to come up with a strong response to Israeli violence targeting Palestinians.Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Faisal of Saudi Arabia opened the OIC conference by calling on the global community to end the intensification of violence and revive peace talks based on a two-state solution. Pakistan urges the world to intervene to protect Palestinians Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi speaks the current situation of Palestine at an OIC conference, that Pakistan not only condemns the Isreal aggression but we stand with Palestinians self determination right. Similarly, Turkey proposed a joint planning for the safety of Palestine on permanent bases. Over all, if we look to the steps taken by Muslim world regarding the current Israel aggression, these are weak. For instance, on one side it is the allies of KSA, like Bahrain and UAE that recognized Israel recently. Similarly, Muhammad bin salaman shown the desires of recognition of isreal on several occasions declared it a step in regional prosperity. On other side the Turkey is greatly engaged with Israel in economic and military partnerships. Apart from this it is one of the prominent members of NATO a western military allaince that is always pro Israel. In such circumstances these demands or efforts to raise voice against Israel become ineffective. If i consider myself Foreign Minister of KSA, Turkey or Pakistan, my first attempt will be convence Muslim states to cut up their economic and geo strategic partnership with isreal. Muslim states like UAE Qatar and Turkey etc enjoy great economic and military ties with Israel and by cutting such economic relations; Israel can be put on treumendus pressure. Similarly, I would like to recommend the leaders of Muslim world to raise voice on respective forums against Israel aggression.