Palestine: Conflict, Ceasefire and Deceptions

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Momin Maqbool;
A common question emerging on the minds in the present time is, whether the ceasefire implemented by Israel and Palestine is a victory for agonised Palestinians or a defeat for Muslim world for not securing blood of Palestinians from flowing in the streets of Jerusalem?
Palestine-a land where everyone-Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together peacefully and joyous.Then declarations of claims of Jewish homeland in Palestine gives rise to the tensions in the region, which resulted to the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Despite many peace agreements and two state solution in 1993-1995 Aslo-Accords.The conflict is yet to be resolved of the reason of military occupation in the Gaza Strip and 165 Islands across the West Bank. Jewish Ideas of Greater Israel kept the to the job and it resulted to the uncertainty in the region. The belligerent occupation on the Palestinian territories triggered to the tensions and chaos.And the chaos and uncertainty is the mother of revolutionary movements and protests. Thus it lead to a series of these movements for a change.But these movements changed no fate of Palestine only the conflict changed into oppression and agony.
The Zinoits oppressed the Palestinians since the conflict began. The same regime showed its tyrant face when its Supreme Court planned the eviction of six Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah.(Sheikh jarrah is a part of Palestinian territory that Israel currently holds under belligerent occupation). The expected decision of Supreme Court triggered protests in East Jerusalem. The peaceful protesters got attacked by military of Israel which lead to the violence in the region.Violence started from 6 May 2021.The violence took into its sway hundreds of innocent people of Palestine, whose flaw was only that they were citizens of Palestine. Israels Airstrikes left many homeless, many in void of their families and many apart from their beloveds. Imagine a state existing nowhere occupies land of Palestine with no legal accord. Then oppresses the people of same land for resisting their plans and ideas.
Then they attack the same people,kill them and call it self defence. And after all the destruction of their peace and broken shelters they implement the ceasefire. Ceasefire just to calm down their passion of resistance not for peace. And the world remained deaf and dumb. It’s stated that ceasefires are political plots that powerful country hatches to break the rhythm of revolutionary resistance on ground.People for Palestine, celebrate the same ceasefire as our victory. In what way it can be called as win.When the occupation of zinoists still exist there. Just the waves of toxic fumes have stopped from blowing doesn’t anyways mean its a victory for the Palestine. The toxicity of oppression is still there though covered under the curtains of ceasefire. We never know when the curtains are going to be folded again and the waves start blowing the same way or may be with more toxicity.
How come it can be a victory for them:
If this victory cant bring back Rafeef Abu Dayer, a kid of age just 11 who got killed by an Israeli missile. If it is not able to get back family of Suzy Riyad who is the only survivor of her family now. If this cant bring back voice the the words of Yousef Abu Hussain,a journalist of Gaza who was killed just for being a dweller of Gaza. If its not able to answer all those who lost their beloveds to the war, its not a victory perhaps. Especially for a muslim world its a defeat that despite being able to do for them they could not. They could not stop the flowing blood of palestine from flowing in the streets of Jerusalem. Muslims failed to apply their efforts when the flames fired high and it needed few of more hammers of Muslims to break the bolts of Palestinian occupation.


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