India’s false narrative on Kashmir falling down: Fahim Kayani



LONDON:   on the call of the Tehreek-e-Kashmir, UK, British Kashmiris and Pakistanis staged protests, held digital campaigns and programs in various cities across the UK from London to Glasgow in connection with Kashmir Martyrs’ Day.

During Friday sermons in mosques across the UK, Ulma-e-Kiraam strongly condemned the killing of 70 unarmed Kashmiris by the Indian army on May 21, 1990.

Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK launched a digital campaign to highlight the suffering of the people of Indian Illegally-occupied Kashmir. The digital campaign was launched from outside Indian High Commission London and the demonstrators raised slogans including ‘Stop India’s demographic Terrorism in Indian-occupied Kashmir; End Indian Colonisation of Kashmir; India criminalises Press Freedom in Kashmir; Hold India accountable for war crimes in Kashmir; Release all political prisoners.” But India at the same time launched a counter-digital van in London to fool the world and divert the world’s attention from the atrocities of Indian forces on innocent Kashmiris.

Fahim Kayani, President of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, said the digital van, public mobilisation in the shape of protests, seminars and rallies is very important to keep the Kashmir cause for right to self-determination alive.

“It is to expose the true face of the brutal Indian regime in front of the world,” Kayani said.

“India’s false narrative on Kashmir has been rejected by the international community,” said Kayani adding that public opinion was moulding in favour of Kashmiris as dozens of articles have been written against BJP-RSS regime led by Modi who is attempting to change the demography of Kashmir and also committing unabated human rights violations through his ruthless Indian army.

Kayani added that the Indian army has got impunity under the so-called Armed Forces Special Powers Act which give kill and catch license to the Indian Army “that is why no single Indian army personnel has been tried despite committing massacres such as Hawal massacre where 70 innocent Kashmiris, including four women were killed by indiscriminate firing by the Indian Army.”

AFSPA is a black and extra-judicial law, he noted.

“The international community, especially the UN, the OIC and the ICJ must hold India for its war crimes in Kashmir without resolving the Kashmir dispute. Peace in South Asia cannot be achieved,” he said.

Tehreek-e-Kashmir led protests and conferences were held in Reading, Bolton, Glasgow, Bradford,Birmingham,Oldham, Nelson and London and various cities in the United Kingdom

While addtessing the protestors outside the indian consulate Birmingham Muhammad Ghalib, President of Tehreek-e-Kashmir Europe , Maulana Fazal Ahmed Qadri , Patron in Chief of All Parties international Kashmir coordination committee and Khawajah Muhammad Suleman ,Director of Kashmir Information and Research Center Birmingham said that the sacrifices of Kashmiris will be not be forgotten and “we will continue raise our voices against illegal Indian occupation of Kashmir.”

The four member STW delegation led by Stuart Richardson , Sec Gen. Stop the War Coalition participated in the protest outside the Indian consulate Birmingham and expressed his solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir . Stuart condemned the atrocities committed by the Indian army against innocent Kashmiris.

While addressing the protesters in Glasgow Syed Tufail Hussain Shah ,Patron in Chief of TeK UK said: “Indian fascist regime is a threat not only to the existence of Kashmir but the whole world.”

Hafiz Muhammad Azad ,Sec. Gen. of TeK UK expressed his concern during Friday Sermon “India and Israel are sinners in arms which use same policies in subjugating and oppressing the voices which seek complete end to their occupation”

Raja Muhammad Nazir Johar ,President of TeK London and Raja Abdul Qayoum, Senior Vice of President TeK London led the protest outside the Indian High Commission London . Haji Ch Muhammad Yasin ,President TeK Nelson and Eng Muhammad Yousaf, President TeK South Zone led the protest in Nelson.

Ch Shezad Majeed ,Youth Coordinator TeK UK said during Kashmir digital campaign launching event in London “As long as Modi stays in the power, it can trigger a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, so the world must understand that their businesses and consumer market are under threat, and they must immediately intervene and solve Kashmir.”

Rehana Ali, Info. Sec. of TeK UK called upon the United Nations to help release all detainees, especially political prisoners, and human rights defenders in IIOJ&K; repeal draconian laws such as AFSPA & PSA.

Mufti Nasser Ullah Naqshbandi organized a Kashmir event in Bolton, Raja Arif Kayani Senior Vice President TeK South Zone organized a Kashmir event in Reading , Mulana Shafiq ur Rehman Senior Leader TeK UK organized a Kashmir event in Oldham . Muhammad Qamar Abbas President TeK Birmingham organized a Kashmir event in Alu