AJK observes Palestine Day with renewed pledge;


Altaf Hamid Rao.


Condemns Israeli, Indian state aggressions in occupied Palestine, IIOJK,


MIRPUR [AJK],   (Parliament Times) :  Azad Jammu and Kashmir was echoed with full throated slogans against Israel and India for their state aggression and terrorism in occupied Palestine and Indian illegally occupied Jammu Kashmir in their nefarious designs to perpetuate their forced and unlawful hold on the above two occupied lands.

Amidst anti-Israel and anti-India slogans, the furious protestant mob set Israeli and Indian flags ablaze besides putting the coffin of Israel on fire as a mark of protest against the Israeli aggression in Palestine at mass PUBLIC RALLY here late Friday.

In the wake of recent flagrant acts of violence in occupied Palestinian territories, Pakistan had been forefront to mobilize international move to get stopped the Israeli persecution of Palestinian. There is also strong resentment among the masses across the country including AJK over the terrorism unleashed by the despotic Jewish against the Palestinians.

In response to the call of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan, Palestine Solidarity Day observed across Pakistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir to express solidarity with the innocent people of Palestinian suffering with the unabated aggression of Jews forces in Gaza since last week of the holy month of Ramadan.

The observance of the day was aimed at to reiterate full support and express solidarity with the Palestinian people who faced history’s worst kind of state terrorism by the aggressor Israeli forces in occupied Palestine.


Protest rallies and demonstrations after Jumma prayers in all small and major towns across AJK including the State’s metropolis Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, Kotli, Bhimbher , Rawalakot, Palandri, Bagh and other cities were the hall mark of the day. The rallies were staged strictly under set SOPs keeping in view COVID-19, to convey the message that besides the entire Pakistani nation people of AJK stand by their oppressed Palestinian brothers and sisters in these hours of trial.


Addressing mammoth protest rally at central shaheed chowk in lake city of Mirpur, civil society elders including Dr. Riaz Ahmed, Bashir Shagoo and Muhammad Ayub Muslim, Zulqarnain Butt , Moulana Attique ur Rehman, Prof. Basharat Elahi of AJK Jamaat Islami, Chairman Global Pakistan Kashmir Supreme Council [GPKSC] Chairman Raja Sikander Khan, senior Kashmiri journalist and Convenor Jammu Kashmir Free Media Association Altaf Hamid Rao, Chaudhry Muhammad Masoom, leader of Mirpur Central Milad Committee, Tariq Maseeh, Aslam Mallick and others vehemently condemned the recent devastating bombing by Israeli on innocent Palestinians that left hundreds of Palestinians martyred and thousands of other injured in the recent holy month of Ramadan and later on turning occupied Gaza and other bombed parts of Palestine into rubble.

Speakers appreciated reported ceasefire agreement between Israeli aggressive forces and Palestinians and called for early peaceful settlement of much prolonged Palestine issue to pave the way for emergence of ever lasting peace in the middle east.

Calling for complete unity in the ranks of the civilized world including the Muslim ummah speakers invited the attention of the world community towards the mass killing of innocent Palestinians and the people in IIOJK besides the other grave human rights violations in the occupied lands. They called for immediate action against the recent barbaric attacks against innocent Palestinians by the Israeli forces – since Pakistan always supported the Palestinian cause.

Speakers called for early settlement of Palestine and Kashmir issues to get the occupied territories liberated from Israeli and Indian shackles.

A large number of burqa clad ladies belonging to various walks of life including house wives, holding flags of Palestine Pakistan and AJK also participated in the rally – which later dispersed peacefully.