Parliamentary Board didn’t decide to give Bagh ticket to Tanveer Ilyas: PTI candidates


Islamabad,(Parliament Times) : PTI ticket candidates Raja Khurshid Ahmed Khan, Col (retd) Raja Muhammad Zameer Khan, Raja Roshan Johar, Raja Abdul Qadir, Begum Imtiaz Naseem, Raja Masood-ur-Rehman Advocate and Raja from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Azad Kashmir Central Bagh constituency in a joint press conference at the National Press Club Islamabad on Friday, Haroon Advocate called on Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Parliamentary Board and the National Security Agency to take immediate notice of the irresponsible statements made by Sardar Tanveer Ilyas about his party ticket. The parliamentary board has not yet decided on the tickets. How was the ticket issued to Tanveer Ilyas? Tanveer Ilyas is also behind the fake list of party tickets released on social media. PTI Central Bagh is united, the party leadership will issue tickets to any candidate belonging to Central Bagh. If someone is appointed from outside, the winning seats will be lost. The parliamentary board should decide the ticket keeping in view the ground realities. The leaders said that the Special Assistant to the Chief Minister Punjab for Investment and Trade claimed that he had decided on party tickets from Central Bagh, Neelam and Rawalpindi and would contest from these three constituencies. He also claimed that he has full support of the responsible circles from Muzaffarabad, Murree and Islamabad. This is completely baseless and exaggerated. Only a fool can make such statements. The purpose of today’s press conference was to bring these things to the notice of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Parliamentary Board and the National Security Agency. How is the Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of Punjab, who has nothing to do with the Central Constituency, claiming to get a ticket? Due to the news released on the media for the last one week, there is great concern among the people of Central Constituency. Irresponsible statements should be stopped immediately. Everyone should be disciplined. The leaders said that PTI has now become a major people’s force in Central Bagh constituency. Under a well-organized conspiracy, a conspiracy is being hatched to oust the Rajpoot tribe from 33 constituencies of Azad Kashmir. This could have repercussions all over Azad Kashmir. Prime Minister Imran Khan, Saifullah Niazi should take notice of this conspiracy. They said that the party would give tickets to any worker belonging to Central Bagh constituency.