NAB is working since the last 23 years but it has not succeeded in containing corruption: PM Khan


ISLAMABAD:   Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated Karachi Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2 (K-2) on Friday.

“ I am happy that The 1,100 MW K-2 Nuclear Power Plant will not only generate electricity but will also generate clean energy. It is very important for us due the reason that our country is among those 10 world countries which are most affected by the climate change ”, he said this while addressing inauguration ceremony.

He unveiled the plaque in Islamabad at a virtual ceremony simultaneously held in Karachi and Beijing as well.
The 1,100 MW K-2 Nuclear Power Plant is a state-of-the-art Generation III nuclear power plant equipped with state-of-the-art safety and security arrangements.

He held the plan will provide 1100 megawatts of clean energy to Pakistan, which is of vital importance for Pakistan that has been facing adverse impacts global warming.
The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the project will greatly benefit Pakistan in respect of technology transfer and training of the youth in addition to supply of clean energy.
He said Pakistan and China have a unique relationship, which is getting fortified with every passing day.
He said the scope of CPEC is being expanded from the connectivity and power sector projects to establishment of economic zones and agricultural technology.

He held it has taken deep roots in the hearts of our people that China stands with us in every hard time. Therefore, Pakistanis have emotional attachment with China.

He went on to say that our diplomatic ties with China are on rise. It is our good luck that our this neighboring country stands among the two big powers of the world. The world is predicting that the way China is moving ahead fast no power can stop it.

He went on to say that we are very lucky this way that we have friendship with such country from whom we can learn a lot. The way China made development, expanded its cities and took care of them, overcome the pollution, such problems are still being faced by Pakistan.

How China overcame such problems we can learn from it more as compared to western countries because their development is different from China, he remarked.

It is journey of 35 years during which China pulled out its people from poverty through planning, he said adding Pakistan can learn a lot from it.

It is the objective of our government that we have to bring out our people from poverty, he held. No other country in the world has extricated 701 crore people from poverty during 35 years like China.
The PM said one more thing can be learnt from China how they waged crusade against the corruption and they showed that no country can make progress unless the corruption is eradicated at high level and the powerful are brought on the ambit of law.

Referring to a Chinese diplomat PM said they have awarded punishment to 400 people at ministerial level on the charges of corruption. This is very significant thing. Our National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is working since the last 23 years but it has failed to contain corruption. The reason is this that we catch small people. China told us the corruption lowers when the high level people are netted.

Chairman China Atomic Energy Authority said it is a great occasion that we are inaugurating the K-2 power plant on 70th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.
He remarked the two countries have also been cooperating in peaceful use of nuclear energy. He hoped the bilateral cooperation will further expand in days to come.