Israeli aggression


Riaz Ahmed Soomro
Israel has let loose bombs and bullets on unarmed Palestinians killing indiscriminately 139 innocent men, women and children so far, flattening the buildings and media outlets. The people of Gaza and West Bank are in the state of perpetual fear of being eliminated for good. The World Community has turned a blind eye to Israeli aggression, being termed it as Israel’s right to self-defense, and toothless Organization of Islamic countries–OIC–and Arab League seem to be bystanders, with many a Muslim country issuing just perfunctory statements of condemnations.The Palestine issue is a critical flashpoint of the world which can engulf Middle East and the World quite easily, as an asymmetric war has been going on intermittently betwixt Arabs and Jews from the very beginning. For the lasting solution of Palestine issue, OIC and Arab League in particular and International Community in general need to exert their influence to rein into Israel’s unleashed, barbaric attack on peaceful people of Palestine and force it to accept the Two-State solution in the light of UN passed resolutions.