3rd wave of Covid-19


Qudratullah Qamar
I would like to express my views about the third layer of Covid -19.It is obviously known by everyone that it is spreading all around the world very rapidly.When the virus travels in small respiratory droplets then it lingers in the air for minutes to hours from an infected person who is more than six feet away.By touching surfaces that the virus has landed on,then touching your eyes, mouth,or nose before washing your hands it will infect you.Explicitly,we are seeing the recent conditions of India that it’s people are infected with a large number from Covid and they are falling on the roads helplessly.Even many of us are enjoying by watching the video clips of infected people of India. Many of us are saying that we are the Muslims and Covid-19 does not infect us.It is just our misunderstanding that we consider ourselves in much comfortableness in crawd or in mobs.It is only for indus but for the people of the world. In the month of Ramadan Mubarak we are keeping fast so we need to pray for those who are still suffering from this Virus. Recently, our government is issued some rules for smart lockdown so we need to give our a to z cooperation to our government as we can give because it is for our goodness.We should not go outing with our friends without any valid reason. I pray to Almighty Allah , may he protect his creature from such jeopardy and such cumbersome problems. At the last of my letter i meekly request to the public.They should follow SOP’s rules which are being implemented by our government for our protection.