Save your life


Mujeeb Ali Samo
The third wave of Covid 19 is going to be very lethal but our people are not taking it seriously. In spite, we see every day the death casualties due to Covid-19 positive. This variant form of Covid-19 is a bit dangerous. We have gone for complete lockdown since the first spell of Covid-19 though it had no casualty. Now, we have the cases in front of us but we are ignorant. Our neighboring country India is a model example for us to learn the cause of the spread of Covid-19. The death toll is very high. The hospital facility is failing to meet with all the patients. We as responsible must learn from the bad precedents. This variant of Covid-19 is taking lives very seriously due to our own are ignorance. They neither avoid going to the market nor take precautions like wearing the mask and maintaining a minimum of six feet distance from each other. This negligence will prove very lethal. The health of people is precious. As the current    health ministry has already cautioned that hospitals are short of beds for new Covid-19 positive patients. The oxygen is becoming short to fulfil the need of serious patients. The NCOC plays a part to arrange possible remedies. But, it needs to do one more step that is the implementation of the policies. And needful cheap prices of the equipment for observing the precautions. But, we as responsible are to play our part. Our life will be at stake. Our family will suffer if we show a careless attitude to Covid-19, third wave. One more issue to the public is that all those who are taking precautions are complaining that the shopkeepers are selling the mask and the sanitizers at their prices. During this Eid, extra steps must be taken and crowd gathering must be discouraged. Once life is safe. We will have every day as Eid day. This celebration is not for us but all the people of the world. This must be taken seriously to discourage the profiteers. The spread of Covid-19 pandemic third wave in the country is very dangerous. People    are ignoring the effects of this disease because they presume that we have not suffered in the first spell and the second wave. Likewise, the variant third wave is also none effective to us. Their perception of the spread of pandemics and their effect is only on those who are nonreligious. The irreligious attitude of a person is the cause of his suffering in Covid-19 and is taking life. Such ideas of people are very dangerous. They are not taking precautions. They believe that Covid-19 is proven deadly in India, the USA, and Italy because these countries are none Muslim. The Muslim countries are less affected by Covid-19. The vaccinations products are manufactured by the non-Muslims they are the cause of taking life. These must not be used in the Muslim country. This mindset must be changed by giving awareness through media and by the religious scholars in their prayer sermons. The loudspeakers are a viable source for reaching the voice at the distance. The women at home and their children can listen to the sermon. Even some people who offer prayers at home due to physical disability can also be engaged in the content of sermons. Covid-19 pandemic is devouring the      lives irrespective of any religious faith. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and some other Muslim countries also lost lives in this pandemic though are Muslim countries. So we humans must act as responsible and wise to face the disease irrespective of any religious faith. Covid-19 can be controlled time if we take solid precautionary steps like China. Though China was the epicenter of Covid-19. It had countless Covid-19 patients but it took decisions wisely. So china is tension-free from any human loss. The economic and social setup is running smoothly because Covid-19 is under control. Everyday life is not disturbed because the basic steps are taken by the people prudently. The use of masks, sanitizers, and the minimum distance is observed by the people in the civilized nations. So they are save from this pandemic. Likewise, we must act as civilized nations. The proper use of vaccination is the solution and it must be in the proper flow. Our people are to observe such precautions and act with prudence. When the government directs for precautions we are to take it accordingly. Our life is precious and comes first above all. Life is once and important to live happily.