Loadshedding in Turbat

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Altaf Adam
As we all know that Turbat is the hottest city of Balochistan. But unfortunately, in the wake of summer season it deprives from the basic facility which is known as electricity. Further, loadshedding in Turbat is confronting the population in most dangerous conditions specially to those who are keeping fast. In the city in 24 hours just Turbat has electricity for 14 hours among day to night. Sometime complete day and night it is not available. It is one of a huge issue for residents of Turbat who are really compel for each and every thing which can be done by electricity. Recently, in this week the overall residents of the city held protest agains the wapda for not providing electricity. Instead of giving electricity, the load shedding is increasing highly and people are facing lots of difficulties in this regard. It is my humbly urged to the authorities and govt to take serious steps and supply electricity across the Turbat city.

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