I have nothing to do with upsurge in sugar prices, sugar mafia: Jahangir Tareen


LAHORE:   PTI leader Jahangir Tareen has said he has nothing to do with the hike in the prices of sugar or sugar mafia.

“I have nothing to do with the upsurge in sugar prices or sugar mafia. I don’t go to Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan office therefore, I don’t know who is hatching conspiracy and who is involved in character assassination. But I will come to know. There is no allegation of hiking the prices of sugar in all the three cases. I did not do business after entering into politics. Baseless and fabricated stories are being minted” he said this while talking to media men outside Judicial complex here Saturday.

He held “ I was cultivator before and then I entered into politics. I did not use politics for doing my business. I have good name in Pakistan. I will emerge triumphant in the case.

Sugar mafia is mentioned repeatedly, he said adding it is said sugar prices have gone up . I have nothing to do with hike in sugar prices or sugar mafia. No one has talked that sugar case is running against Jahangir Tareen. Read all the three FIRs against me and you will come to know that no mention of hike in prices of sugar has been made in these three FIRs.

He underscored “ I don’t know who is behind registering FIR against me. This case should be dealt with by SECP.

A fabricated story has been minted against me. My documentation is clear and fair. I pay considerable income tax every year. My accounts and my family accounts are with income tax department. Every business man will say if Jahangir Tareen is not clean man then who is clean man. My credibility is being tainted.

He remarked “ all the people will come to know what were the real facts. No sugar related charge has been leveled against me during the last one and half year. I am not saying case be withdrawn against me. But I am in the court to face the cases.

PTI leader further said I have not gone to PM House since over the last one year. I don’t know who is doing this against me. But there will be some one who is doing this. Bid has been made to taint my credibility by leveling false allegations. Had Justice been done then FIR would not have been registered against me, he added.