Do we have free will or our life is predestined?


Ghulam Batool Shahani
It is said that men create his own destiny and he is the maker of his fate,if it is the case then why do we blame God when sometimes bad or good things happen in our life ?and if our destiny is controlled by the almighty Allah if the decisions of our lives is taken by lord then why this world is so imperfect where as Allah almighty is perfect maker of the things and makes everything perfect. Pre-destination is when our mind’s eye are not in alignment with what’s will is when our abstraction are in alignment with what’s happening.As life has past,present and future,there is no any single moment that does not have past and future,same life is an ordered sequence of both free will and destiny.Not the whole human life is predestined not free will.But yes a little role is played by our destiny and greater role is played by our free will.It’s all depend on the way we think if we think positive,positivity will come to us.if we think negative, negativity will come to us. what is returning to us is the result of our Karma so,today when we are creating our present Karma we need to remember that we are writing the Destiny of our future. future could be in 5 minutes later or 50 years later but our present Karma will return with the consequence.No one else can influence our destiny it’s only our thoughts,feelings,words and behaviour. What wrong happened to us was result of our karma’s.Our karma’s writes our destiny.we have choice to write our destiny which we want.yes sometimes the things don’t happen right by doing right.for instance:we take care of our body so much but at a point we came to know that we are suffering from a disease,sometimes we trust a person too much,took care of that person yet they betrayed.and we think why always we suffer such things? here we need to understand spiritual law this is spiritual law,law of soul not of the,the past is destiny the future is free will and the present moment is so beautiful.If you see things this way you are very wise but, if you think that other way around that the  past was free will the future is destiny and the present is miserable,it’s not wise thing to do.It shows a lack of wisdom.Then life becomes miserable.Our actions decides our destiny.what we pay is what we return..