Deadliest wave and frivoulus people


Altaf Adam
The third wave of Covid-19 adapted the most lethal and deadliest shape around the world including Pakistan. Knowing and observing the alarming increase in infections and fatalities, people from different areas of country  neglected the pandamic and pointed out that it is just a drama not a pandamic viruse. Further added that it is the government’s policy to recieve funds from other countries in doing drama of Covid-19. Due to our careless attitude and misunderstanding Covid-19 is sharpening its layers day by day with high speed of surging cases and fatalities. As thousands of people are loosing breath and running in the merge of death. But knowing these all still we do not have belief in it. Moreover, all countries around the world held complete lockdown last year and still going on. Is this a joke or drama that a country goes to harm it economic? No, this is not. Because in this technical era every country rather every man is striving up towards the developement and prosferous. Then how we think that a country struggles to run backward. As different educational and other institutions, shoping malls, bussinesses, markets and so on were closed. But still we lack awareness and don’t consider it a pandamic. Eventually why we do not have sence to think such that how a country can bear to be harmed due to held lockdown? On the other hand, the highest number of surging cases day by day is due to our interpellation in not following the protective precautions as well non-precautionary of government with his authorities. Government reffered failure in prevention of peoples from getherings across the country. As he allowed the PSL match and other rallies such as PDF and many more. Because of this Covid-19 third wave spread rapidly across the country. According to a report of scientists and medical specialists of health, Covid-19 has different varieties. As in third season strange symptoms are being reported than its first and second wave. Further added that this wave can be more detected on other parts of body. Ultimately it is our collectively responsible to work hand in hand with government and root out the Covid-19 from our country rather making fun of it. Also I request other countries around the world to make sure their best regard to bring an end to this pandamic.