Epidemic predictions


American professor Nicholas in his new book, Apollo’s Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live, examines the social and historical situation after the Corona epidemic or the effects of epidemics are discussed from a social and historical point of view, and he pointed to what could happen in the years to come. His first prediction came true as he has maintained that after experiencing the biological effects of epidemics in 2021, the world will face the social, psychological and economic consequences of the virus before it enters the post-epidemic era. He has predicted that the global epidemic Corona will be over by 2024 and that this era will be the era of pornography and sexual misconduct. He says that after the vaccination process in 2024, when the human society will get ‘herd immunity’ against this epidemic and this would be the post-epidemic period. However, the virus will still be present but its severity will be less. He feared that sexual misconduct would begin immediately after the epidemic subsided and religious attachment would decrease. He said that looking at the history of previous epidemics, we shall have to go back to thousands of years and find that it will take some time for things to get better. He thinks the current phase of the epidemic will continue at least until the end of 2021, then a middle period will come and around 2024 we will enter the last phase of the epidemic. But, the question is simple: can one predict the end of any epidemic or say when it will end? The virus has certainly spread to an alarming extent and is still spreading in individual countries. Due to its altered form, fears of a third wave of the virus have increased in many societies. As regards Coronavirus, it has become an uncertainty to predict this disease. According to a recent US report, Covid 19 has created several negative trends around the world, fueled nationalist sentiments and skepticism, and halted progress in reducing poverty and gender inequality. The report warns that in the coming years and decades, the world would be facing more serious and formidable global challenges such as disease, climate change, barriers to new technology and the financial crisis. The world must realize that even after the vaccination, it is important to maintain social distance, wear face masks and other precautions because we do not yet have solid evidence that the vaccine will ultimately stop the spread of the epidemic.