Value of sports

Sheykh Aiman
“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” Sports teaches us how to handle failure, to get up and try again when we lose. The heath of the body is essential for success in life. Physical and mental education should be necessary. In the modern age, the importance of games has been fully realised. For this purpose many indoors, coaching has been opened. Games and sports both are important to keep the body fit. It refreshes the human mind and body and keeps the body fresh and fit An unhealthy man is always sad, gloomy, therefore, loses confidence in him. One more thing Sports reduces the amount of cholesterol and fats in the body .It also controls blood pressure.To keep healthy, one must take an active interest in sports. While playing games we forget the anxieties, stress and worries of life. Sports certainly sharpen the mind. We are playing, cricket, hockey, basketball, football, badminton, swimming etc to keep our body fit and mentally strong. And every game is played according to certain rules. A true sportsman plays for the sake of playing. He/She does not play for the sake of winning. He/she accepts defeat with a smiling face that makes a man more strong to face life with courage. It makes our life healthy and happy life. Some people think that participate in games is not good and it is a part of time-wasting. But time spent on games is not bad. In certain schools and colleges, games are completely ignored. They specialise in making their students bookworms. . A bookworm who takes no interest in sport is physically weak, lethargic and all his mental excellence can’t make up for his physical deficiency. In this manner, we should follow the example of countries like America, England which give due place to games in education. This is also true too much emphasis on games is also not good. Sports must be made mandatory in schools. This is because it is as important as education. Everyone must perform at least one Sport activity on a regular basis. Sports have wide scope for the competitive instinct. Tournaments and matches are held to test the skill, stamina and toughness. Medals and awards are an incentive to players to achieve excellence and a high standard of performance and they can get easily admission in the respective field. Elderly people think that girls can’t participate in sports because they are physically week. In today’s generation girls are participating more than boys. I think girls are more powerful than boys. My sister is also playing badminton. She has the support of her family and almost she has been playing for six years. She is mentally fit and have strong stamina. She goes daily for practice and she always participates in tournaments. She has won many medals, trophies. Sports are an excellent means of spending one’s leisure. More important, sports teaches us how to handle failure, to get up and try again when we lose.

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