Save money to survive during lockdown


Taskeen Samo
Pandemic has taught us number of lessons but most important to all is saving of money. The money which could help us in rainy days and hard times. There is no denying from the fact that miseries can sprang up at any time and from any side . So, in order to avoid any unforseen catastrophe , we should be preplanned for upcoming challenges. And this could only be done when one has habit of saving money and it could easily be done by altering the list of otiose expenses .Saving money is good Habit hence, everyone should get the benefit of this advantageous habit. As we have great example during first wave of corona , thousands of families came on roads because of quarantine. Their business were destroyed and those who had no saving raised hands before others. The epidemic of corona has taught us great lesson to save some percent of our earnings for hard    days.There are multiple benefits from saving money such as one becomes independent financially , you will be prepared if your circumstances change , you will have financial backup in case of loosing job, you will be more comfortable after retirements and certain many other benefits. With saving money, one can fulfill his wishes on his own . It is commonly observed, if people save the money , they are labelled to be miser but if they do not save money they may be compelled to beg before others. We should not be glutton neither miser. A balanced way must be opted to pass peaceful life. Now third wave of corona is going on and those who have saving will survive and rest will be at the mercy of government. A humble request to all of you, save money from whatever little earning you have. This practice will not only save you but also to upcoming generations too.