No career counseling system in Balochistan


Mujahid Ameer Baloch
It is reality fact and actuality that Balochistan is the richest and populated province of Pakistan by it’s territory and most neglected too. Furthermore, the youth of our province have been contending numerous problems yet which are not solved. Such as, rate of unemployment and not getting basic needs which is education we are deprived of it and so on.Also they don’t even provide guidance in the form of career counseling. As the career of counseling is very much important and mandatory for a developing of nation into a great developed nation which could be prosper. But here we    have not listened the consept oc career counseling instead of being exist. And still it is on progress on our education system is lacking behind in career counseling and student’s guidance for selection study feild to read future or further. And if we see students are upon dependent on their parents rather family and friends while selecting their feild to study. In such situations and conditions, the Baloch mostly are left wander and ramble in the dark with no lights, and with purposeless with no purpose and are not aware what to do or what to read simply without career counseling. If any one visit collage or university, you will find that most of the students are totally desperate and forlorn for their future. As same there is huge number of students who don’t know about their own destination and they are taking the step and struggling without ang goal or direction in their mind. However, it is crucially significant for the students as they need or require guidance in selecting their career subjects can be fit for them. At last, Balochistan government should provide and held kind of sermony which helps the youth to choose the path which they deserve. Further it should a subject as like others subject which are being tought.