Cousin marriage


Bebagr Abdul Manan
Closely intermarriage between two cousins generation after generation is called cousin marriage. According To scientists it is also called sibling marriage which means marriage of sister and brother and it is very awkward. Cousin marriage give cause to disorder generation because when they give birth to a baby, mostly they become ibnormal and disable due to genetic disease which come in existence because of so close marriage. It happens while reproduction both cousins gametes are pretty much similar To each other and they give birth to serious and troubling diseases like thalassemia, stutters, def, dum, sickle-cell-anemia many more, cousin marriage is mostly common in Pakistan,at least half of the population of Pakistan does cousins marriage.Although in many places it is forbidden like China, Philippine, North Korea, Taiwan, etc. On the other hand islam seriously condemns it. even it is mentioned at many places that after three generations marry far from family, according to today’s area Scientists have researched and they came to know that marrying non-relatives can give raise to children more intelligent and more sharp  because they will receive unique characteristic from both mother and father. We ought To take actions on cousin marriage. Giving blood to thalassemia patient, saving an individual’s life is much better than eradicating the problem from roots and spread awareness and save a nation from ignorance..