Road accidents


At least hundreds of deaths have occurred with the beginning of 2021 year due to the ROAD INCIDENTS consistently in Sindh and especially in Larkana. Some horrific incidents all may hear about i.e bodies are burnt in the road accident so identification through the DNA testing service is not possible. Is it enough only to express profound grief and sorrow over such news and the loss of precious lives in a traffic accident? No. It is the high time when reckless driving in a state must be highlighted on a national level with an open mindedness and awareness pattern. The provincial governments can play a very crucial role in this regard. The National Safety Vehicle Program should be brought up by the administrations with the participation of all local people who use cars and trucks particularly for avoiding traffic incidents. Obviously, young people are an asset to the nation. The highest rate of dying people in these road accidents is our Youth. What kind of actions must be taken against those who do not take care of traffic rules? It depends upon the sole choice of Drivers. Meanwhile, there are different factors of roads contributing in Accidents: Over-speeding, driving on damaged roads, rash driving, crossing at wrong places, violation of driving rules, eroded road merging of rural roads with highways, Carelessness and illiteracy of drivers and their insufficiency to read English Instructions engrossed on boards, diversions and illegal speed breakers, drivers failure to understand traffic signs, catching a running bus and drivers having habitually addidcted to alcohol etc. People need preventive measures to be taken against the road accidents. It should be noted that Education is just not about to learn syllabus and degrees but to gain knowledge of moral and ethical values is also the same responsibility of the civilians. If the public do not comply with the traffic rules, strict enforcement of law must be ensured by the government. The Engineers must also focus on both road infrastructure and vehicle designs to avoid scared road accidents in this middle class country where the direct consequences of the accidents are death, injury and property damages.