Retired teachers honored by Bazm-e- Adab Organization in coastal town Jati


By Kamran Kamiso Khowaja
Sujawal: Poets, writers, historians, social activists, and people from different walks of life were in attendance at an event organized by Bazm-e-Adam Organization in Jati a coastal town of district Sujawal on Saturday evening to pay homage to the retired teachers who played a vital role in edifying our Society.
While addressing the gathering speakers paid glowing tributes to the teachers for their incredible services and said that they were like a beacon of hope in a dark tunnel they made adamant efforts for upskilling their students.
Renowned poet and historian Iqbal Shaheen said that Jati was considered among the backward areas of the country where these teachers strived for imparting quality education and promoting the trend of education in the “era of illiteracy” when people were unaware of the importance of education.
Expressing gratitude, academia Shahnawaz Talpur Said that it was because of these learned people that they were graced with the precious jewel of knowledge he further added that these events were meant to reminisce the contributions and lifelong services of our teachers.
“A teacher is one without whom we can not even think of progress and prosperity, he polishes the skills of his student and discovers the hidden potential; said known author Bux Ali Shad.
Chairman of Bazm-e-Adab Jati Abdul Salam Thaeem Said that the event was organized to introduce the trend of honoring teachers who were a pivotal part of our society and guaranteed our success. Adding further he said that he would continue the trend of honoring those who had rendered their services for the poor and subjected masses of the underprivileged area.
Renowned teachers including Ali Mohammad Turk, Arbab Ahmed Hingorjo, Ramzan Khowaja, Mohammad Bachal Baran Hassan Kalmati, and others were given the shield of honor in recognition of their services. On their arrival they received a tumultuous welcome as the handfuls of rose petals were tossed over them. They also addressed the gathering and extolled Bazm-e- Adab and the efforts of Mr. Abdul Salam Thaheem for honoring their services.