Indo-US relations and South Asia: Prior Presidencies


Qurat-ul-Ain Ali
The two nuclear powers of the world, India and US relationship has improved to some extent, which were under mistrust and disturbance over the last 15 years during The Cold war. The Trump’s plans for foreign policy and the approaches to entered and encounter the South Asia after Bush and Obama’s era, made him valuable and beneficial for both India and US, as Climate and energy cooperation were the basic area of interest during George w.bush / Obama and Modi duration. Trump just proceed the Indo-US partnership by fulfilling the challenges. The 2 main agenda and the challenges after The Trump has elected in 2017 US presidency elections. The partnership between India and US has emerged in a better way after massive transformation when US at start agreed to ‘achieve civil nuclear energy cooperation as bilateral agreement’ with India in July 2005. Trump has met with the challenges according to India’ ideology as he manipulate and enhance the previous strategies and agreements with India and US presidencies as during the reign of Obama, the US-Indo economy has emerged successfully by establishing the U S H-1B non-immigrant specialty workers visas for Indian citizens to work in US Companies, the South Asia’s destabilization as Trump praise the Modi’s actions and strategies for implantation and appreciate him as a great man    for formulating policies and for being defensive in security issues from neighbors as Pakistan and China. Trump’s regulations on Afghanistan also had a prime effect on regional criterions. The United States continued in wars regardless of economic issues by opposing the “nation building.” Though he has not provided a clear vision on Afghanistan, whether or not the U.S. Will retain its assist of the Afghan government authorities, which is struggling politically and economically, and is more and more attacked by the Taliban. While increasing concerns of India about the china’s development under South Asia as well as at the same level the involvement of US against the gradual growing influence globally, both the countries reached at the agenda to counter the China as well as all neighboring countries for self-security. The Indo-US relation has improved due to several official visits, the India has trying to consider itself a strong democratic and emerging developed power despite of its violations of peace at the borders and domestic issues, acts as potential partner of US. The India successfully has established an image of ‘country of brains’ while being a ‘Land of the Violations’, NRIs has accepted the India for their advanced information technological improvements and for generating the national peace and all efforts to unite all as one nation to avoid the so called terrorism and international negative interference by Pakistan on the behalf of Kashmir issue and China as well. There were powerful logics and needs in promoting the bilateral relations by Modi and Trump. Bilateral involvement within the non-military energy sphere is another Greenfield area.