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Modi visits Bangladesh

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Inam ullah Khan

It is a significance visits as india is desperate, after the fall out India had with Nepal and china and pakistan as foes despite Quad members india feels alone in immediate neighbou rhood ,mending its ties to rather too soft Haseena Wagid govt which enjoys majority in its parliament well as good repute on world stag for lifting up Bangladeshi Economy surpassing india. IMF hailed Bangladesh in its recent report reflective of economic growth 7 .8 compare to India which lags behind and sadly Pakistan no way near to Bangladesh’s growth figures. Haseena Wagid govt more praised for growing its economy along with uplifting poorer socially and economically and it is so compelling that expatriates are returning back from western europe and America to take benefits from economic phenomena taking place. BJP introduced NCA CA bills in parliament two years ago triggering anxiety all over region as obvious targets of legislation were targets and BjP leaders never bothered to hide it. Modi govt members openly said Assam will be cleared from illegal Bangladeshi which lead to big protests in Dehli and elsewhere against this rethric and bill. As india has made loads of investment in Bangladesh electricity infrastructure defence hardware including naval radar system and in industry buildup is directly co operated by india that leverage made Haseena Wagid govt say that india never rouse such issue therfore it is indian internal issue still indian govt stance on Assam issue has made Bangladesh muslims angry and last week big protest against Modi visits were seen Both indian govt and media tried to play it down and choose to talk about economic ties and showing little frustration about China’s huge investment in Bangladesh which india fears would change or has the potential to change the course of history.Inspite of anger among pro Islamic parties against india and china fears Bangladesh so far has kept tight control by keeping islamic parties under pressure and by giving India assurance that due historic ties with her father india has special place and China wouldnt be allowed to override it. Professor Gohar Rizvi in his recent trip to India spoke high about Indian help Bangladesh received since its birth and called as natural allies with lot common and mutual cooperation is doing wonders in north west. Also assured indians that Haseena Wagid govt has no issues albeit communal unrest in Assam and boarder skirmish both armies had in past is seen rather over statement by many , with India.If we were to compare last ten years. pak vs Bangladesh economically socially and international stature wise .pakistan is no match to Bangladesh. we can bash Haseen wagid being ruthless for her revenge driven politics towards her opposition in Bangladesh and rounding up people whom she see as threat etc and in past hanging to her father’s assassins in a peculiar judgments and being anti pakistan and anti Islamic parties but her achievements stands out as she is providing free health to poors is uplifting people form poverty and transforming densely populated nation into a economic force with each Bangladeshi earning $1800.Henry Kissinger once said Bangladesh is bottomless basket case is not sustainable thus is classic case of failure and will fail but Bangladesh proved it otherwise and today stand tall in region and beyond. Where as pakistan for behind because we wasted so many decades of our national life chasing mirages .like we be islamic state or democratic state. American allies or islamic block etc Pakistan till date as state sadly is indecisive in all spheres where as Bangladeshi courts took the lead rule and protected constitution all the meddling done with constitution during General zia and Arshd period were wrong therfore declared null and void and restored a national confidence of Bangladeshis. Rest is infact building up from there.I am not advocating any form of constitution for pakistan our constitution is fine but simply arguing that some day some one will have to make such decision and only then we could hope for a social and economic better future.

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