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“Gwadar” deep sea port of Pakistan is located on the southwestern coast of Baluchistan province extends from 25.1105North and 62.3396East. Gwadar has 600km long coast line along the gulf of Oman. The primary occupation of the residents of Gwadar is fishing. According to a recent report a local fisherman of Gwadar city caught a fish (Sowa) locally known as kir. The people of Gwadar are very hospitable they warmly welcomed their guests and serve them their best. Majority in Gwadar is poor and lower middle class. Languages spoken are balochi,brahvi,Arabic and others. The recent census report, record the total area of Gwadar is 12,637km2with total population size (263,514). Now a day’s Gwadar is under highlights because of its cricket stadium and Pak-china CPEC project. Apart from the city is famous for its fishing village, hammerhead 5-star hotel and Gwadar port. The weather of Gwadar is mostly dry, humid and warm. Previously a small fishing village, Gwadar has undergone transformations and now accounted as one of the major port cities of the world. The most remarkable residential and commercial project is “Burj-Al-Gwadar” placed along the 264-foot wide main airport road. There is a link road which connects Gwadar to Karachi “the Makran coastal highway”. In 2007 the construction of Gwadar international airport was begun and now air services operate between Gwadar and Karachi as well as Turbat, Muscat, Oman.
The deepest, warm water, the 3rd important deep sea port of Pakistan after Karachi and Qasim port, under the administrative control of the “Maritime secretary of Pakistan” and under the operational control of China overseas port holding company. Located at cross-junction of international sea shipping and oil trade routes. Gwadar can act as an international trade hub for Pakistan. It holds strategic and economic significance for Pakistan.
GWADAR CRICKET STADIUM: Near jagged mountains and the coastline of Baluchistan, lies the most beautiful cricket ground with scenic beauty (the Gwadar cricket stadium), Inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Baluchistan Jam Kamal Khan in November 2020. One of the most attractive features of Gwadar Stadium is its prime location. On 19th Feb held its first exhibition match played between showbiz sharks and gwadar dolphins, match was dedicated to Pakistan mountaineer Ali Sadpara. At a short distance from stadium situated other landmarks like Gwadar marine drive, Kallag beach and Gwadar Public Park. But the saddening part is that gwadar own residents are not allowed to enter the stadium or to play.
Apart from certain developments there are some inherent issues faced by residents of Gwadar and that they cannot be ignored. People of Gwadar are deprived of basic necessities of life like clean drinking  water, health facilities, education and employment. There is also no university for the students they travel towards capital city Quetta or other cities of Pakistan for sack of higher education. CPEC, cricket stadium, 5-star hotel are all economic development projects for Pakistan there is no development be seen in the way of living of the residents. Residents are not happy as they are deprived of basic necessities of life. Apart from economic development fruitful measures should be taken for providing the basic necessities of life to the people which is necessary for the upbringing of a healthy, educated population for a bright future of gwadar city and Pakistan.

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