International Women’s Day- A Glimpse on exertions of Pakistani Women


By Rafia Ali Abbasi

Every years on 8th of March, world celebrate this day as a ‘’ Women day’’. Which reflects the progress in socio-political and economic achievements thru by the women. For many years international Women Day demands gender equality, women empowerment and prosperity all across the world. Spotlight in the history reveals that the women were being treated as same as they are facing the major differences today like in gender pay gap, inequity, deprivation and discrimination. The situations are getting worse in especially in the western nation like in Britain’s and in America. In health and safety sectors women’s lives are being threatened. It has been estimated that nearly 830 women die every day during child birth along with the most deplorable news on the women murders. Which needs to be transform in to healthier and effective way for the fulfilling the women rights among all nations. This year the manifesto of women day is “Chose to Challenge; a challenge to change the perspectives of people at large. The world is celebrating this as a day of women but every day should dedicated to recognize the hardships and sacrifices of women with all respect and vanity.
It’s an honored and privileged feelings while talking about the women of my own country, my beloved Pakistan. Women had lost their beloved ones in struggle of independence and till date in the protection and affluence of Pakistan. Women of the country always portrayed a positive face of Pakistan like Mala Yousafzai- first ever Pakistani women awarded Nobel peace prize, Benazir Bhutto- former prime mister of Pakistan, Arfa Karim- youngest IT expert and many others. A warmly tribute to all those women who are working in armed forces, civil services, in business and women in all sectors of life.
You! Are a woman
“You seek joy in happiness of others, why do you feel a void in your heart?

Why there is sadness in your eyes? And a need to cry behind that smiling face?
You transformed a house into a home, then why do you feel incomplete?
There are so many role you play in life, that make your identity complete!
You are the real colors’ of life! You are the reps of justice, dignity, hope and purity
You! Are a precious pearl

Pakistan’s society comprises 49%of its women population which is almost half of the total population of the country. There are many hurdles that a women of my beloved country are actually facing now a days. Typically associate the predicaments of Pakistani women with social and religious tyranny, on the other hand the veracity is outlying more problematic especially in ruler areas of the country. A certain mentality is profoundly embedded rigorously in masculine societies. Pakistan’s society, where male dominancy had basically generate a gender gap, where Underprivileged and illiterate women must struggle for their basic rights on daily bases together with matters of recognition, and respect. They requisite animate in ethos that defines them by the male numerals in their lives, even though these women are every so often the wage earner for their families and kinfolks.
Every single day, women in Pakistan are frightened, harassed, discriminated, physically attacked and killed, surely there are the voluminous reasons behind all these illicit. Women of rulers areas of Pakistan; Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Gilgit baltistan, and Baluchistan are working really hard than that of a man ought to take part in work force. As the western countries; Women of Pakistan are also paid lower than man. Having a multi-cultural and multi- ethnic societies, honor killings are hunting young women, although its illegal but familial and tribal customs often outplay with the rule of law. No doubt women’s are considers as the most important foundation that built a generation effective and progressive. But nearly among all    the women depression and anxiety is very common, which is threating the effectiveness of this foundation.
Nevertheless the women rights are guaranteed by the constitution of Pakistan; the acid control and acid crime act 2011, prevention of anti- women practices act 2011, criminal law offenses of rape act 2016, criminal law offenses in the name or pretext of honor act 2016 (amended), prevention on electronic crime act, and many others. In the presence of all these laws women at larger are basically unaware of their rights and if the one who understand and realizes their right, but she could not raise a voice against cruelty, harassments, sexual abuses, honor killings because society always showed unacceptance to those of women who stood by the rights, because their voices can affect the family’s pride and dignity. Islamic republic of Pakistan based on the ideology of ‘Islam’ – allows women to participate in various affairs of life regardless of gender equity. And Islam has set the patterns of social, economic and religious life of women’s life. But unfortunately our conservative society used religion as a tool to inhabit and take control over women by their own men, oppressed and restrict them into the enclosures of home only. Despite the manifestation of many problems being faced by the women of this country, they are playing vital role in the in the development of Pakistan their hard work and fanatical assertiveness determines their bravery, strength and the dignity in real means.

(-The writer is student and researcher in Department of peace and conflict studies.)