Where is Kashmir issue then

Inam ullah Khan
Dramatic developments have taken place .DGMOS of both pakistan and indian Armies have issued a joint statement of peace along with LOC yesterday . Short statement says both countries will respect all truces of past and both Armies will address each others concerns. It is a major break through. Remember Since 2015 thousands of violations of ceasefire took place at Loc hundreds of civilians and soldiers of both sides lost lives but india never agreed to hold talks despite repeated offers of talks by pakistan on all outstanding issues. It is understandable that pakistan’ economy is messed up onerous IMF conditions further crippling it , internal politics is heading towards polarisation. Situation at western boarder heating up again and law and order situation in Blochistan is worrying some arguably most wise thing is calmness and deesclation at Eastern boarder so these thoughts could have prompted this agreement Is BJP govt of India willing to talk on Kashmir issue?, and will settle this  issues once for all is most unlikely.short joint statement is vague , Seemingly Pakistan hasn’t pushed on this issue therefore a clarification is required as to figure out what this agreement meant for kashmiries Sources suggest Mohid yousaf and Ajigt Doval had back-channel talks for months before DGMOS could issue a statement why political leadership choose to be quite about it. Foreign advisor at realm of pak govt have ability to do anything naturally fanning conspiracies. Both chiefs of pak and India army Earlier instead of usual bellingrance talked rather in lower tone about each others countries specially indian army chief Narravane quoted saying pakistan didnt took any advantage of situation during tensions between China and india in Ladkh, un settled boarders are in no one ‘s interest and India is facing two and half fronts at same time”’. Bajwa also offered olive branch to india in his recent statements all evidently suggest a leveling of ground was underway for long time. Conversion of GB into a province and wispers of similar act to the status Azad Kashmir has already been planned and of course india revoking article 370 and dividing held Kashmir into two union territory and now amicable agreements of armies rather proves point if these are all links of same chains then it would be most unfortunate for those who laid lives for cause for decades.

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