Study of the Formative Assessment Practices in the Secondary Schools of Thatta District


Mubina Alam Jakhro
Education is the process of continuous training and guiding the students and to improve their lifestyle through ongoing assessment. It is the only process through which, we can reach to the higher climax of progress by achieving gradually the aims and objectives of life. There are many methods to know student’s progress among these methods; assessment is one of the important factor which clears the mind of educationists regarding the subject, students’ interest and knowledge which is imparted to them. Assessment is a systematic process of gathering information by which we measure the students’ performance so that the student may be promoted to the next class. There are various types of assessment such as Diagnostic, Formative and Summative Assessment. Formative Assessment is a regularly conducted assessment in class by teacher so that the teacher may be able to know the students’ learning outcomes. Thatta is a historical and culturally, one of the most famous cities of several centuries due to the center of religious scholars as well as Askari Ulooms in the subcontinent. It possesses a great history of educationalists who served for the betterment of Sindh as well as Indo-Pak as whole. The total number of schools are more than one thousand including girls’, boys’ and mixed schools of Primary, Elementary, Secondary and Higher Secondary levels. The present study type was mixed-method. During the present study, purposive sampling was done in which 10 schools, 10 Head Teachers and 10 Teachers with 360 students were included as sample of study to collect the data. The finding of the current study was very interesting in which it was found that the district has a great diversity in education, with the results of qualitative study, majority of Head Teachers were confused with the term Formative Assessment. Many teachers use few activities without understanding of formative assessment. Many head Teachers say that the teachers use certain activities in the class as questions to give answers and correcting the fair copies as well as using other educational drills. The last qualitative finding reveals that Head Teachers were of that comment that classroom activities as checking and correcting students mistakes and class tests, were important for students and also for the final results. The quantitative finding of the present study disclosed the fact that boys get more marks in Pakistan study subject as compared to girl’s students while girls get more marks in islamiat subject as compared to boys. The study was too tough to travel throughout the district. It was coastal belt of Thatta which is hard to travel especially during monsoon season. Therefore such study must be funded properly by Government of Sindh, School Education and Literacy Department for proper and continuous results. It was concluded that the impact of formative assessment are of great importance in terms of the final marks as well as permanent learning of the students. Such study must be carried out throughout Sindh for the betterment of Education.