Afghan Peace Talks


Decades ago today, the dervish poet of the East predicted in a Persian poem that Afghanistan is the heart of Asia and that peace and prosperity throughout Asia would be in jeopardy as long as the region is in turmoil. On the first hand, a new round of peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban was set to resume in Qatar on January 5. On the other hand, targeted killings and violent incidents are continuing yet in Afghanistan. In all of this, Afghanistan continues to be devastated, and its people are dying of hunger, disease and incurability, as well as fueling imperialist war. With the start of negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliba, not only the violence has escalated in Afghanistan, but a new trend of targeted killings of senior government officials, social workers and journalists has also emerged. Nishank Mutwani, deputy director of the Kabul-based think tank Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit, said: “The Taliban will not take official responsibility for the political killings, but they want to show their workers that they are also the Taliban and they have not changed. ” The 1 year presented a combination of hopes and trials for the Afghan people and the world. But, the peace agreement signed between the Taliban and the United States on February 9 was a turning point in the 19 years after the war. It appeared to be a step towards resolving the Afghan conflict at the negotiating table rather than on the battlefield. Now Zalmai Khalilzad will visit Afghanistan and Qatar. He will visit Afghanistan and Qatar to resume talks with Taliban representatives and Afghan officials. Khalilzad’s team will also visit other regional capitals to work for a just, lasting political settlement, a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire in the Afghan conflict. Certainly, All want lasting peace in Afghanistan, but the international community needs to play a full role. Peace in Afghanistan is linked to peace in the region.