The old man and the sea


This is a novel written by Ernest Hemingway who was born on 1898 in Chicago. He was a driver during world war 1 in Italy. He was writing in High school but no one knew him. When he was writing he thought something bigger this time. Then, he published this book in Life Magazine in 1952. Which was sold 5.3 million copies within 48 hours. This book was a starting point for him. He was also rewarded Pulitzer prize for “ The Old Man And The Sea”. He got Nobel prize too. Moreover, In this book there are two main characters (1) Santiago (2) Monolio. Santiago was an old man and Malonio was a student of Santiago. This is a book which is written by 3rd person. In this novel is on Sea and it’s story with old man. In this context the writer describes the inner thoughts of Santiago’s dream. People used to say dumb and used wrong words for old man like, unlucky and bad person. Because he was old he couldn’t could not catch any fish he had a  pupil who was working with him for many days but he wasn’t able to catch fish and the family of Malolio forced him to leave this old man but he cared this old man a lot . When he left the old man knew about all seasons of ocean. He knew that the month of fishing is near where he could catch fish and he was doing his job for in a good way but unfortunately, he did not catch a fish more than 84 days. At once he went a caught a fish and the fish was very powerful. This fish drag him for 2 days and finally the fish got tired and old man killed him. When pulled it was bigger than boat and it was being dragged. Suddenly, a huge fish eat it and the old man was very disappointed. When he reached again people around the city came and appreciated him but he not aware of this when his student came and said him congratulation you brought a big fish which can be sold in museum. All people requested him to train them but he refused he just trained his old friend. The positive impact of the book is we should never listen people whatever we want we should do. And one thing was wrong in this book which is just on Sea and old man’s mind friend was disappeared for long time. Even he is given the name main character of book. In conclusion, I think this book was awesome and it gave me a good experience while reading. In my opinion every businessman, student and every one should read it and this will give a good experience.