Hub Needs University

Dilshad Baluch Sajidi
Literacy rate in Hub (an industrial city in Balochistan) is becoming greater bit by bit, but attributable to the shortfall of a university, a large number of gifted students are at a loss to meet the expenses of moving other cities to keep up their studies and thus, they drop out. That being the case, a twitter campaign will be held to drag the attention of high officials towards the exigency of a university in Hub city. The campaign will take place between 06: 00 PM to 12:00 AM on Friday, February 19, 2021 and the hashtag #HubNeedsUniversity will be followed.We humbly request the people from every walk of life to lend a hand actively in this campaign and make it successful as a means to urge the authorities to establish a university in Hub city, with the aim that our upcoming generation can get higher learning in their native land rather than moving to other cities.

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