Senate Standing Committee observes 557th Day of curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir




ISLAMABAD,   (Parliament Times) : The Senate Standing Committee on Interior in its meeting on Friday, strongly condemned strongly condemns the terrorist attack on security forces post in Makeen area of South Waziristan in which four soldiers of Pakistan Army embraced martyrdom. The Committee also condemned the on going curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir by Indian Forces and urged the international community to break its silence over Indian oppressions.

On the outset of the meeting, the committee offered fateha for martyrs and prayed that may Allah Almighty accept the sacrifice of our martyrs and grant them a high position in Jannah. Senator Rehman Malik said that we share the grief of the families of the martyred soldiers and salute their families. He said that the blood of our martyrs will not go in vain as defeat is the destiny of terrorists. He said that South Waziristan should be completely cleansed of these ruthless terrorists through a fierce operation against them. He said that enemies want to destabilise Pakistan through such cowardly attacks but they will never succeed in their nefarious aims. He said that India is using Afghan soil for terrorist activities against Pakistan and the government should raise the issue of terrorist attacks with the government of Afghanistan. He said that India is financing ISIS and with the help of ISIS, it is carrying terrorist activities in Pakistan using the soil of Afghanistan.

Senate Standing Committee on Interior observed the 557th Day of cruel curfew in Kashmir by Indian Forces and strongly condemned Indian oppressions against unarmed Kashmiris. Senator Rehman Malik said that the committee has been expressing solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris in its every meeting and counting the days of curfew as ‘Black Days’ in the history of humanity.

In the meeting, the issue of fake accounts in the name of Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan on Twitter was discussed in detail. Chairman Committee Senator Rehman Malik said that he had taken notice of the fake accounts in the name of Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan and the matter was also raised in two other committees of the Senate. He said that he had directed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block the fake accounts immediately. He informed the committee that he was told today that two fake Twitter accounts in the name of Aitzaz Ahsan were shut down. Committee directed FIA to initiate crack down on those running fake accounts and provide details of those involved in the next meeting of the committee to be commenced on Monday. The FIA and PTA was directed to brief the committee in the next meeting. Senator Dr Shehzad Waseem said that blocking the fake account alone would not solve the problem and new accounts could be generated simultaneously however the matter should be taken up with the Twitter administration that the accounts of celebrities should not be opened without verification. Senator Javed Abbasi called for developing a mechanism and said that strict action should be taken against those who create fake accounts. Former Senator Chaudhry Aitaraz Ahsan told the committee that cybercrime wing of FIA had been approached as an attempt has been made to tarnish my honor and politics by creating fake accounts on Twitter in my name but those accounts are still operating and posting tweets with my name. The Standing Committee paid homage to the services of former Senator Chaudhry Aitaraz Ahsan in politics and legislation and Chairman Committee Senator Rehman Malik presented an honorary shield to him on behalf of the Committee.

The meeting was chaired by Senator A. Rehman Malik and was attended by Senator Muhammad Javed Abbasi and Senator Shahzad Waseem as member and former Senator Aitzaz Ahsan as special invitee. Secretary Interior, senior officers from the Ministry for Interior, PTA, FIA and others also attended the meeting.