Larkana Incident


Two days ago, two accused involved in alleged sexual violence against a 5-year-old girl were arrested in Larkana in the operation conducted. According to police, raids are being carried out to nab the main accused. According to police, a 5-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by the accused three days ago in Ghulam Nabi Shah Mohalla of Dokri, which worsened her condition. What is the need of the hour? It seems to be true in the current context that there is a wave of rape cases in the country since last 15 years. Till yet, the subject of sex education is not included in the institutions of children but revolving in the news only. According to people, late marriages are the main reason behind the unprecedent growth in rape incidents. But, how is it possible that a girl or boy between the ages of 5 and 10 be married? Marriage is not the solution to this problem. Motorway and like cases are the proof of such incidents. It is not allowed to talk about sex and other topics, which is why kneeling is growing rapidly in the masses. The problem of sexual dysfunction needs to be addressed in the light of modern day psychological and medical threats. The need of the hour is to talk openly about sex education. Parents should inform their children about the changes that take place in early adolescence and provide them with sex education so that they can know in time how to express their emotions in a positive way. Both boys and girls should be trained on an equal footing. Certainly, No one wants sons to be rapists. A well-known Writer in his column asks “Why do men rapes”? The man rapes because the creature in front of him is only ‘female’. He fulfills this intensity of his desire in childhood through abuse, the masculinity of the language makes him even more agitated. Only expressing anger through social media and rallies is not a solution to this problem. Cases are not ending. A concrete decision must be made to protect children.