My vision board of mind


Emaan Siddiqui
Yup, that’s right. Sounds a bit over the top, I hear you. I am just an ordinary student like most of you, living the best life by God’s grace. Being born in a world like this, is quite hard you know, we children mere expectations of our parents. We dream higher and like why not? We are born in an era where social media is a go -to most basic thing in our lives and we , the youth are one of the most dominant users of social media I must say. You see,. We are quite careless. This is not because we are raised to become thoughtless. No, I feel as we are more of a dependent people and who doesn’t like things to be done by themselves? They do not bear the cost of their regular wearing, including clothes, shoes, and other accessories. More often they don’t have the liabilities including, utility bills, taxes, grocery, etc. Therefore, sometimes it is hard to realize them as a responsible citizenry. Sometimes, they wanted to join the desired position without any process of interview. But you all know that this is not easy or if our lives were that easy way, why to bother    taking a glass of water by ourselves even? But being active and focused in our life makes us strong considering, we don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges therefore, “we create our life”. So it gets pretty difficult for us , the youth to reach up to our parents and self expectations. Therefore, the two most important things that keep us going and are the absolute justification to our hard work are as follows: 1- Motivation. 2- Reason. Now you ask me, why? Well, because we work hard either to reach our goal to satisfy ourselves by building our career or because when we have a reason, like a responsibility to be fulfilled, an empty stomach to be filled with delicious appetite , or there is a mix of both the motivation and responsibility. Perhaps, in my country there are people depending on second option, the reason, responsibility as they face enough poverty. It is really important for us to observe beneath the depths of the situation we feel is hard to pass through. It is necessary to motivate yourself overtime through quotes, articles or even a scene from your favourite movie, you never know even a small deed or a sentence in your favourite book can motivate you in a very good way. You may have heard the statement “ Time is money” this means the more time you put into something the more you are going to succeed. When we get into college, we start discovering ourselves and our hobbies for real, like my hobbies are cooking, travelling , reading, writing or blogging and my interests include topical blogs or research and social causes. As I have loads of hobbies and interests , you may have too but the thing is to find them. You need to remember that dreams are things you think and you wish for to come true. Goals are something to accomplish. Goals require positivity and action. Dreams can happen even while you’re sleeping, you don’t have to lift a finger. There are career goals as well that we all look forward to. I have hopes and dreams like any other person.I want to pursue a career I visioned and a career where I can be of service to others. I’m just a student, I’ve a long way ahead of me of challenges and spots where I’ll question myself, the highs and lows but the determination to reaching my goal won’t fade because determination comes from motivation and we shouldn’t lack encouragement because there is a competing world out there. I am learning as a student and exploring as a learner to use every single opportunity that comes in way. My vision board of mind makes me take these risks to make my dreams happen. You need to have that thought to vision big. I understand that I’m younger than most but that makes me plan good and take risk as that will lead to growth and to make my dreams come true. As of people create vision boards in their cupboards or just on a board pasting pictures, quotations that inspire them which is one hack of a amazing thing to keep yourself motivated. I chose to keep my mind active through aiming high , setting my goals and keeping them in my vision board of mind. As vision board is personal and inspiring it really keeps you ambitious and go-getting, It opens up your personality in a very aspiring way. While you can daydream for free, goals don’t come without a price it requires effort, money, time and sweat. Remember, don’t put yourself in the imagination world, just be prepare and face future music of challenges , hardships and joy to come and don’t    forget to travel the world, love yourself and have fun! Rest of all is a rule of thumb! You all know whether to read and accede to. Hope you all have a great day.