Why repeated occurrence of political and institutional avenges in country, Sheikh Aftab


ATTOCK(District Reporter) PDM central leader, senior vice president PML-N Punjab and former federal minister Sheikh Aftab Ahmed has said that his 52-year-old approved petrol pump, workshop and its affiliated bank Sealing PML-N leader Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz for not leaving without giving any notice is the worst political revenge and Prime Minister Imran Khan, who claims the state of Madinah, Seeing the sinking of power, the PDM is blindly using state resources against the central leaders in the fire of revenge, for which the district administration, police and government agencies have been removed from their jurisdiction. The results of using the status quo will be detrimental to the security, survival, development and prosperity of Pakistan, he said while addressing an emergency press conference at the District Secretariat PML-N. Jahangir Khanzada, Former Punjab Assembly Candidate Sheikh Salman Sarwar, District President Muhammad Saleem Shehzad, Former Chairman Baldia Attock Nasir Mahmood Sheikh, PML-N Leader Dr. Ashraf Butt, Sheikh Ajmal Mahmood, Sheikh Hamid Mahmood, Talal Ashraf Butt, Dr. Mian Rashid Mushtaq, Tehsil President Attock Mian Shahnawaz Shani, City President Attock Sheikh Mahmood Elahi, City President Hazro Haji Ehsan Khan, Former Minority Councilor Tariq William, Sheikh Awad Safdar, Waqar Ahmed, Emad Faiz, Chairman Attock Press Club Registered Nadeem Raza Khan, Founder Chairman Electronic Media Association Lala Muhammad Siddique, General Secretary Liaquat Omar besides Attock Kamra and Hazro journalists Sheikh Aftab Ahmed said that a strange atmosphere is being created in Attock for the last 2 months. 2 months ago I was told that you have a plaza in Dubai. Where did he come from? I said that my passport. Check and bring proof. I have not been to Dubai till today and I will name this plaza after you. The illegal and trespassing activities of the Anti-Bribery Department in Attock are in full swing. No charge sheet has been issued to us. Every 15 days a special team of PSO comes to the petrol pump and checks the quality and quantity which was not done before this government. A.K. and all the permits were obtained from them. The bank was also legally created which was sealed. They have a long standing land dispute adjacent to their residence. The government had come up with a scheme that Landowners can become their owners by paying money. Our case was still going on when they went to the High Court for action by the government and in 2018 a restraining order was issued in which the Board of Revenue was directed to But last night, the people of the finance department came to him who were given all the papers and were told that the matter was pending in the court near Dr Aslam Marwat on Attock Three Mile Road. He has 4 shops in which the map was amended and a fee of Rs. 4.5 lakh was also paid. Now the employees of the municipality are being harassed in this regard. Not even an inch of land is different from mine, my family, my wife. The children have no property in Pakistan or abroad outside Attock. They pay regular taxes and have deposited Rs. 2.6 million this year. When former dictator Pervez Musharraf’s bloody government was bloodied, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and his family were imprisoned in Attock Fort and Attock Jail when NAB officers Brigadier Shaukat and Brigadier Siddiqui hosted him. He was later summoned by NAB Chairman Lt. Gen. Khalid Maqbool and said that no evidence was found against him so he is acquitted from the inquiry. No local politician was involved in the retaliatory action against him. In political life, 2 martial law and many opposing governments have passed, but there has never been a situation like the one that took place during the rule of the claiming rulers of the state of Madinah. Causes include inflation, unemployment, corruption, lawlessness, economic, economic, commercial stagnation, unemployment, shutdown of construction and development works, uncontrolled government officials and the basis of corruption. But highlight the problems of not taking any action against them Instead of retaliating against me, the government has started an indefinite series of retaliatory actions against me instead of remedying and eliminating the issues they point out. Let the government learn from my words. The ridiculous attitude he is taking against petrol pumps and other assets has not happened even in martial law. He announced that he was with Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz and will stay with them even if I am bound. In 2001, the police brought a warrant for his arrest. When he was informed about this, he informed the then Deputy Commissioner Ahmed Yar Khan about the situation at 11:30 pm. He called the House and also called the then DPO Azeem Leghari and said that he had not issued an arrest warrant for Sheikh Aftab Ahmed, so why does the police want to arrest him? The DPO said that orders from “above” On which DC said that such people are an example in democracy. If you arrest people like them, As an example, if you arrest people like them, it will be a great abuse. The arrest warrants have been revoked. He said that whatever action is taken against them, however, their relatives will be subjected to state repression. He said that he had been serving as the In-Charge Cell Prime Minister’s Secretariat for a long time and he was aware of the compulsions of the officers. More king than king The petrol pump, which has been in existence for 52 years since 1969 and has been in operation since the approval of all government rules and regulations, has exceeded its authority to appease the commanders. At the direction of the government, Deputy Commissioner Attock recalled that his approval was not sought from him while he was shown all the documents. However, in the light of the “above” instructions, the sealers not only sealed the petrol pump. By sealing a national institution such as a workshop and a bank, when the news spreads abroad, millions of people who have invested in Pakistan will postpone their intention to report state repression and illegal tactics. Hundreds of people were employed in petrol pumps, workshops and banks. The PTI, which has created 10 million jobs, will have a devastating effect on the country’s economy. Imran Khan’s government seeks to snatch jobs after 5 years People will have lost their jobs.